The difference a good lecturer makes



I never had high hopes for my jurisprudence module this semester. It’s one that I don’t have a choice in which usually involves a big likelihood that it’s not going to be the most interesting of modules. But in this case, I was pleasantly surprised that I had been wrong!

My preconceived ideas were that it would be a dull, lifeless topic and based solely on the history, science and theorists of law. This did not sound exciting to me. My reaction to the content being something like this dwarf …

Image Source: Oh My Disney

 Source: Oh my Disney

But from the moment I entered the lecture hall, the lecturer was engaging the class. Rather than regurgitating a string of tedious lecture slides, he read us extracts of different, relevant cases and asked us what our ideas were. In other words, we applied our understanding of the law, rather than merely being told ‘’this is the law.’’

At the end of the day, I think the central element to whether students really enjoy a module lies on the basis of whether the lecturer is a good one. Of course, this is a terrible system of learning but I think it’s true, unfortunately.

Now, instead of dreading this particular module, I can say I am looking forward to studying some of the following topics:

  1. Law and Economics
  2. Positivism
  3. American Realism: A theory that judges make decisions based on what decision they think is right and decide for the reasoning later.
  4. Natural Law: The idea that all individuals possess certain basic rights because they are human beings. It was thought to be able to override the written text of the constitution.
  5. Feminism: Perhaps a controversial topic! But nonetheless includes discussions on:
  • Liberal Feminisms
  • Cultural Feminisms
  • Radical Feminisms
  • Postmodernism

Who knew you could adopt such a different attitude to a subject by something as simple as having a good lecturer?

Perhaps the element of surprise of having a good teacher was the only thing making me think that the subject was interesting! Let’s hope that spark doesn’t wear off. Only time will tell…

Until then,



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