Are we only feminists when it suits us?

In our jurisprudence module this week, we discussed the concept of feminism. We established a number of different types:

  1. Liberal Feminism: This theme created ‘equality of opportunity’ for women.
  2. Cultural Feminism: These theorists look at the differences between men and women and view them positively.
  3. Radical Feminism: Believe that oppression based on gender is the fundamental oppression of society
  4. Postmodern Feminism: Concerned more with intersectionality which recognizes the multiple forms of discrimination faced by women

The lecture made me consider what my views are on the topic and I have to say, I generally associate feminists as over the top, men hating cynicals, who are almost obsessed with bringing down the male race! Thankfully, my views on the topic were not unusual, with a number of other articles on the issue depicting the stereotype of feminists as something very similar.

I was watching an episode of First Dates Ireland the other week, I don’t know do any of you watch it? But when a young lad realised that the young woman he was on a date with was a feminist, you could instantly tell his wariness of her. And when it came to paying the bill, of course, in true feminist style, she got angry at the thought of the man paying for the whole bill.

Which brings me to my next point – I believe that most of us are hypocritical in our feminist views on a day to day basis. The ever present gender pay gap in our society is something which is deemed as a major bone of contention for professional working women all over the country. However, when it comes to instances like men settling the bill at dinner, women are more than happy to let a man pick up the tab because it is the ”chivalrous thing to do.”

Do you see any issue with this? Would you always let a pay for dinner? Or would you be instantly turned off a man who didn’t pay for dinner, deeming it as ”stingey”? The reality is- women want gender equality when it suits them!

Have a think about that one ladies…

Until then,



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